I need a co-host.

I need your help.

You’ve probably noticed that my ATL and 29 podcast hasn’t made any episodes for a while.
  • Part of that is that the second half of the Hawks season wasn’t great discussion fodder.
  • Part of that was having five other jobs. (Don’t ask.)
  • Part of it is that I really like pickup basketball and spending time with my kids (in some order).
But the main part of was that it got tricky to do a guest each week and I don’t like doing the pod solo. I could give up on the thing, but I still have some *pod content* in my heart.
Would you like to be a podcasting blogboy/bloggirl/blogperson? I need a co-host.
I’m looking for:
  • Someone who can carry on an informed, amusing, conversation about the Hawks and the NBA at-large
  • Someone willing to split the tech duties of producing the podcast
  • Experience is preferred, but not necessary
If you’re interested, send an email to anaheimamigos@gmail.com with
  • Contact information (Name, number, e-mail)
  • Podcast experience and/or podcast sample, or something else to indicate you’re the person to do it
  • Any relevant education
  • Why you’re interested and what you’re interested in making out of this

And that’s it. If you’re interested, thank you for your interest!


Episode 38: Brad Rowland

In this episode, I made Brad pick over/unders on numbers like the Denver Nuggets’ win total, Kyrie’s points per game, Joel Embiid’s rebounds and Chris Paul’s assists. We also hear a clip from Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer on his approach to utilizing young players.

Episode 36: Adam Johnson

We talk to G-League expert Adam Johnson of 2 Ways & 10 Days about the Erie BayHawks, their recent expansion draft, and the two G-Leaguers recently signed by the Hawks: Quinn Cook and Josh Magette.
BONUS: We also spoke to Erie BayHawks General Manager Malik Rose about the tryout that the BayHawks held in Atlanta and the challenges strategies of assembling a G-League roster.

Episode 35: James Holas

We talk to James Holas of BBall Breakdown and the B.O.D. Pod about Dennis Schroder and the Hawks inevitable reliance on him for a lot of their offense. We also talk about the NBA rank of Nikola Jokic relative to his peers, a topic which James took to his Twitter time in recent days, and our thoughts on the NBA’s recent jersey release.

Episode 33: Chris Barnewall

We talk to Chris Barnewall of CBS Sports about some initial impressions from the NBA Draft, plus the trade that sent Marco Belinelli, Miles Plumlee to Atlanta and Dwight Howard to Charlotte. We also listen to a detailed piece audio from Hornets head coach Steve Clifford on the NBA re-inventing itself with threes, spacing, and switching defenses — and Chris and I discuss how the Howard trade impacts the Hornets in those ways.

Episode 32: Payal Doshi

We talk to Raptors expert Payal Doshi of RealSport about the recent Raps/Bucks series, the upcoming Raps/Cavaliers series, and more important topics like ‘Was the Milwaukee U-S-A, U-S-A chant corny?’ and ‘Is Bruno Caboclo fewer than two years away from being two years away?’

Episode 31: me

Some thoughts from me on the Hawks and their transition, outlook, and choices of tactics going from Game 2 to Game 3 of their series vs. the Washington Wizards.

Included is the full audio from Dennis Schroder’s post-practice media scrum.

Episode 30: Larry Luk

Today’s guest is Larry Luk of the Hawks 6th Man Section and the HawksBros social media accounts.

Larry and I talk discuss the upcoming playoff series between the Hawks and Wizards, including:

1) Kent Bazemore coming off the bench (in Baze’s own words),
2) Dwight Howard matching up against former teammate Marcin Gortat (in Dwight’s own words),
3) And figuring out the backup point guard spot vs. Washington.

Today’s episode was made possible by Poli Mortgage Group. Poli Mortgage Group: Rates, Integrity, Service.

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