I need a co-host.

I need your help.

You’ve probably noticed that my ATL and 29 podcast hasn’t made any episodes for a while.
  • Part of that is that the second half of the Hawks season wasn’t great discussion fodder.
  • Part of that was having five other jobs. (Don’t ask.)
  • Part of it is that I really like pickup basketball and spending time with my kids (in some order).
But the main part of was that it got tricky to do a guest each week and I don’t like doing the pod solo. I could give up on the thing, but I still have some *pod content* in my heart.
Would you like to be a podcasting blogboy/bloggirl/blogperson? I need a co-host.
I’m looking for:
  • Someone who can carry on an informed, amusing, conversation about the Hawks and the NBA at-large
  • Someone willing to split the tech duties of producing the podcast
  • Experience is preferred, but not necessary
If you’re interested, send an email to anaheimamigos@gmail.com with
  • Contact information (Name, number, e-mail)
  • Podcast experience and/or podcast sample, or something else to indicate you’re the person to do it
  • Any relevant education
  • Why you’re interested and what you’re interested in making out of this

And that’s it. If you’re interested, thank you for your interest!

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